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I want an AI model trained on crappy compressed / low-bitrate audio versus lossless formats, and then try using it to remaster / upsample poor recordings.

there's no such thing as an inappropriate fart.
change my mind.

This might cause distress to some collectors 

Please please please remove batteries from old computers.

Welcome to an odd place, transposed between novelty and nostalgia

TIL that stem-cell transplants, as a whole, involve a non-trivial first phase of chemotherapy to destroy all the stuff that's about to be replaced.
I had a (what I believe to be common) naive misconception that 'StEm CeLLz fIxx ShIt, bro!!!" but it's way more complicated and risky than that.

hey fedi if i bring the #pocketreform prototype to Capitol Hill in #seattle and chill at a cafe would you like to see it for yourself? #seattle #openhardware #mntreform

"The Information Age will not be remembered by the fun, high-flying and overwhelmingly feel-good Dot Com days despite the ongoing presence of Dot Com-developed technologies. Rather, the Information Age will be remembered as a period when 12-year old girls from New York slums, senior citizens, and innovative college students are harrassed by greedy cartels seeking to scare their future customers into submission."
-- Richard Forno, 2003

"Remembered I was rich, so I bought me some new emotions/
And a new boat 'cause I'd rather cry in the ocean"

Getting US healthcare to do the correct thing is kinda like topping from the bottom.

We're committed to making sure you feel alone in your personalized struggle!

Thousands of archivists and librarians over here gesticulating *yes, finally, we've been saying this for a decade+*

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