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my pronouns are they/them/../../../etc/shadow

It's time to

We've been reading Watership Down, it includes a little #conlang with a few words that rabbits use to talk about time of day and other things, which is just delightful.

modern web browsers are kinda like US politics because you have
- the evil one
- the "at least its not the evil one" one

Man, you can sit at home, and do like absolutely nothing and...and your name goes through like seventeen computers a day.

I wish I had found these pics showing that the PCB was silkscreened before I broke one open looking for clues.

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Finally tracked down docs for the WifiWall-4DEV (which appears to be the same hardware as the WifiWall 2.4)
The hardware is incredibly well constructed. I have managed to bootstrap MicroPython but was missing how pins were connected. Hopefully this is accurate.
The vendor just told me "We don't support this anymore" and ghosted me.
They can be had for about $40.

I started learning how to play #drums recently. I'm really loving it, I wish I had started years ago.

As a beginner I would be very interested to hear about others' drumming journeys.

#drumming #percussion #learning

What if cancer is just mother nature's version of ant spray?

long post, musing on current mastodon events I guess 

tbh, gargron can do with masto what they want. He started it, it's his project, etc.

I do believe he should be open about it's goals so people don't start putting work in code which eventually gets ignored. I don't think this was the case 5 years ago, but it's quite obvious today that there's a good change your stuff wont get merged if you don't make sure it's something that could be accepted first.

The code is open and free to use and adapt and share. Even if you personally don't have the time to figure things out to get and maintain changes you want, you still have a much better chance at getting them through forks than if the code wasn't floss.

It's also still part of a a wider network, so you're not even forced to use the software in the first place. Other software may suit you're needs better and it may be out there already.

The only thing I'm still bothered with is the "Mastodon Network(TM)" marketing and the fact that people who should know better (y'know, like people who run things with "fedi" in the name, but still act as if it's all just mastodon) keep doing this as well. Fedi existed long before mastodon and it's always been larger than just mastodon. I do recognise it's been an important project shaping fedi as it is today, but that's a different thing than trying to "own" the whole thing in the minds of people.

Anyhow, point is, I enjoy seeing the jokes on current events, but all in all, I don't thing gargron is "wrong" when wanting to keep certain features out of his software. Free software means you're free to use, study, adapt and share. But that means developers *also* have that freedom, and therefor the freedom to keep their own vision of things as well.
Proper Noun "Internet" is used by educated individuals who care about technology and the Internet.

Improper Noun "internet" is used by journos who follow the AP style guide and also retards who don't know better.

This is a better way to distinguish which side someone is on than even Kiev/Kyiv.

Which one do you prefer to use? #poll #xmpp

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