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Blah-blah #fediverse 

A few weeks ago I ditched linked in, my searching goes through #duckduckgo, facebook and instagram are gone, there are a few mailing lists going in the bin daily.

Participating online with mastodon (or other #federated social software) and #gemini remind me of how the web used to be when I got my first computer in the 90s.

I say participating because here we're not trying to sell and buy, there's something more profound. We're sharing ourselves, memories, thoughts, imaginary personas, fantasies, stories, recipes...
Because we have an urge to socialize as humans. I imagine a better web is coming from this, where we're kinder and more respectful to each other.


testing **some** *things* _that_ ```probably``` don't ~work~ ---yet---.

On "winning" social media 

@cstanhope The fediverse wins if the people using it find that they're happier because they're using it.

It's not a numbers game.

respect levels are 70% and falling

(70%) ■■■■■■■□□□

"Somebody once told me that in basketball you can’t hold the ball and run. I got a basketball and tried it and it worked just fine. He obviously didn’t understand basketball."
-- Roger Miller

If social media is the current-gen battleground for electronic warfare, what is the next-gen?

SystemV is a featherweight version of SystemVerilog that captures key structural properties of hardware designs.

Specifically, we are interested in:

- How to represent modular hardware designs;
- How to ‘correctly’ wire hardware components together;
- How to represent and automatically reason about the emergent properties of data structures both nominally and structurally;

The design and formalisation of SystemV is based on a typed lambda calculus.

The formalisation is mechanised in Idris2


Those of you cross-posting from #Twitter to #Mastodon - will you please consider doing the opposite? Make the #Fediverse your social media home and Twitter an afterthought.

appealing to authority is an existential threat to software quality. do not ask someone else to audit the software you use, do it yourself or shut up, asking for someone to post logical fallacies to make you feel safe is destroying the long term viability of computing in general. learn to read code or shut up.
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