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Free remote woven robot maypole dancing *next week* - help us try and weave a braid over video chat by controlling your own robot, all you need is a browser. Sign up and more info here:

theistic systems and political systems are diametrically opposed.... but both would _love_ to convince you they're the other one

my dissertation is turning into an indictment of software engineering practices and tools.

this ought to be fun :flan_evil:

maybe i should try to train my mini neural network thing on continuing animated gifs infinitely

Facebook dodging questions hardcore

"Did people have to physically break into cages in order to reset servers? People rely on your company as a utility."

"Facebook really doesn't want to own the problem 100% and would be okay with regulations"

"Okay, but did your team have to physically break into cages?"

"*laughs* Well not my team, no."

Well yes, we know the marketing bimbo doesn't have datacenter access. Answer the fucking question.

So it seems the Facebook issues have to do with bad BGP (border gateway protocol) updates. Their domain is served by nameservers on their own domains (presumably using glue records), so a whois request currently fails. This also might be why every registrar says the name is available.

This isn't the first time this has happened. I swear there is at least one BGP global outage a year at this point. Securing the way IP routes over the world is a fucking joke.


If it's just public-facing DNS that is plaguing Facebook, then why is their onion address not working, too? :allears:

Facebook currently down to three nines of reliability on a quarterly basis.

The Fediverse has zero nines, as there are zero nines in 100%, which is fedi's uptime.

if I can't look cute, I want to look vaguely like a security risk

Nordstrom, what the hell, these aren't colors, these are genders

science levels are 11% and steady

(11%) ■□□□□□□□□□

deranged is emancipation.
unranged is true freedom.

Happy #CIDRDay, everyone!

Today in 1993, Class A, B, and C addresses were deprecated in favor of classless addresses.

28 years ago.

If a computer person talks about Class C addresses, they are not competent

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