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*imagines bootleg GIFs with silhouettes of ppl in the front row*

wtb paradigm shift where we start making accidental solutions instead of fucking things up

The Matrix lost its edge with contemporary audiences because people today would rather accept the Faustian bargain that Cipher took than live in Piss Earth.

I wouldn't throw it in a backpack, but it looks cool :ed:

the end goal is to have the HDMI as primary display, and have a daemon render to the miniscreen.

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"laptop" (raspberry pi 400 + cyberdeck bonnet + hyperpixel 4 touch + a bunch of extendo-headers to keep from bumping keys)

The CRISS CP/M retro computer is a highly-polished CP/M 2.2 computer built with an array of modern @MicrochipMakes microcontrollers:

Original tweet :

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