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People: "visual snow syndrome".

Me: What do you mean most people don't have a layer of static on their vision at all times?

And the bartender said "do you know you have a steering wheel in your pants?"

And the pirate says "Yarrrrrr it's driving me nuts"

A person I care about just discovered that their apartment complex has been publishing security camera footage publicly on youtube. The apartment is trying to identify some people in the video, and I'm assuming utilize some form of public shaming to control behavior.

The latter I'm outraged by, and am aware that nothing can be done about it.

As to the former, is this legal? Does it violate any TOS that can be used to fight the posting?


As promised, despite others abandoning this "promise", here goes new years ass reveal. :blobfoxlaugh:
*hope all my followers and admins like @stux forgive me, but I just gotta end this year on a weird note

magical thinking 

In an age of increasingly virtual hyper-real belief ecosystems, we need new ways to evaluate beliefs, that goes beyond just what is factual.

To borrow from Lionel Snell's framework, while a religious worldview evaluates ideas as good or evil, and the scientific view evaluates them as true or untrue, the magical worldview evaluates them as wholesome or unwholesome.

This has both the concepts of wholeness or holism, recognizing that everything is connected and interdependent, and that of healthiness, recognizing an affirmation of life.

The wholesome might actually include some of what is considered evil or untrue, as these are in fact part of the real material and virtual universe.

I suspect that a wholesome belief would also be empirical, reflecting an integrity with the world (even the imagined and virtual aspects of it).

But some degree of denying empirical evidence would veer into the unwholesome, perhaps due to the mounting danger and dis-ease to life that so often results.

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corporate surveillance and harassment, distressing to read, long 

i wasn't too caught off guard because it's another one of the cyberpunk megacorps that rule us, but damn

nintendo surveilled modders, eventually selecting one for in depth surveillance to create a profile of his day to day life

we're talking about employment, location, living situation, work schedule, where time off is spent, any visitors at home, where he went when not at home or work, etc,

and they planned to come to his house as he got off work to tell the modder (summarized) "we'll pay you to report exploits to us, and if you refuse to work with us, we could take legal action"

direct quotes from nintendo: "Neimod may worry that a criminal prosecution could negatively impact his relations with the local government that awarded him the grant (for young science and arts entrepreneurs)."

"Opportunities to collaborate with Nintendo...1. Nintendo can refrain from filing a criminal complaint."

"If successful, Nintendo’s public image may be further bolstered as a modern, tech-savvy company, while hinting that hackers should be cooperative rather than aggressive with Nintendo in the future..."

fuck nintendo

whatever it is you're doing in this world, be careful while you're doing it

one of the docs:

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