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I’ll take an order of cheese fries, hold the fries.

looks like I picked up a few spam accounts. housekeeping completed.

I fucking love mindless self indulgence - london bridge

this is an ESP32 based wireless hotspot with 64gb storage on sdcard, a FTP server, telnet to micropython, a web server with websockets chat and a directory full of javascript-based emulators (served from SDcard), and it has BLE, Sigfox, and LoRaWan radios, and accelerometor, temp, humidity light, airpressure sensors to boot.

yo dawg i heard you liked processors

so i gave your coprocessor a coprocessor

Pi-Zero (in USB stick form) with a SenseHub hat on top.

I now have temperature monitoring of both the front and exhaust of my main workstation hooked into my SNMP crap.

you're either a part of the problem,
you're a part of a different problem

Find a mentalist in your provider network today!

Or, call our complimentary gaslighting hotline 24/7 !

trained professionals are standing by to convince you that it's all in your head

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