your mother was a bernadoodle, and your father smelled of pork fried rice

final update: geoff's NakedMUD memorial page is now up, and will be maintained in perpetuity:

update: thank you everyone! thanks to the efforts of @stevestreza, @crawfordsm, and @lewiscowles1986 the majority of the source has been located 🥰

attn: MUD developers

last year, a grad school classmate of mine died at the age of 38. every student and professor who met Geoff Hollis learned that he was a brilliant scholar, a sharp thinker, and a superb university lecturer.

but only a handful of his friends knew that geoff was also one hell of a coder. he spent nights as a grad student building his own MUD engine in C - from scratch, with a built-in custom scripting language - just for the fun of it.

nakedMUD enjoyed several years of regular development and usage from mud designers, before jeff had to shelve it due to his teaching responsibilities.

when he died, his university server space was wiped without a backup, and all of his source code went with it. i've got the most recent version of nakedMUD (3.8.1), but i'd like to preserve v1.0 to v3.8 in his memory.

if you happen to have filenames in the format nakedmudv1.0.tar.tgz sitting around on old drives, i'd love to hear from you. i'm building a little source shrine for geoff, so nakedMUD can live on in memory of a kind, gentle soul.

In the age of instant information man ends his job of fragmented specializing and assumes the role of information gathering. Today information gathering resumes the inclusive concept of “culture”, exactly as the primitive food-gather worked in equilibrium with his entire environment. Our quarry now, in this new nomadic and “workless” world, is knowledge and insight into the creative processes of life and society.
-- Marshall McLuhan, 1964

Fiddler Everywhere sounds like the new product from Pied Piper

most software today actively inhibits you from understanding computing. it trains you to be helpless by being totally inscrutable


*searches internet furiously for possible explanation*
*upstream router reboots*

I did a regex search in sublime text SO HARD that it caused my keyboard AND mouse to disconnect

I told it to make some ASCII-rendered sprites from an 8-bit arcade game. I think the results look slightly pornographic...

I think I would be content only listening to The Prodigy and De La Soul for the rest of my days.

Seriously, they both have such a broad variety in their respective genres.

"New Zealand never existed and was just a hologram; its existence is an illusion conjured up by a combination of factors. New Zealand is a figment of our collective imagination, bolstered by patriotic zeal and colonial propaganda. The concept of the country has been perpetuated through our culture, and reinforced through music, film, art, literature, and other mediums. This idea of New Zealand is not based on reality, rather it is a mirage conjured up by our collective consciousness."

Artificial sweeteners are the great equalizer because they provide a way to get a sweet taste without extra calories or a rise in blood sugar. This makes them an option for those trying to watch their weight or manage diabetes. Artificial sweeteners provide the same level of sweetness as sugar, making them the great equalizer for those trying to reduce their sugar intake.

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Running out of toilet paper is the great equalizer as it affects everyone regardless of their social status, wealth, gender, etc. Both a CEO and an entry-level worker at the same company will both find themselves in the same boat of having to find a new roll if their supply is running low. Additionally, no matter what you have accomplished or how much money you have, you still need to wipe. This seemingly mundane task serves as an example of how we are all subject to the same everyday realities.

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Teletubbies is a show enjoyed by a variety of people, regardless of social class, age, gender, or anything else. Everyone, from children to adults, can relate to the characters and their stories. The show speaks to everyone in a language that is easily understood. By bringing people from different backgrounds together, it helps create a sense of unity and understanding among its fans. This universality is what makes Teletubbies the great equalizer.

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