Would I be prying if I asked you what was wrong?
Jennie is silent.
Miss, would I be prying?
Everything is wrong.
No, not everything? The sun is still shinning. It's a
beautiful day out. Some things are OK. Right?
Yeah, I guess so.
-- Kids, 1995

TIL On Labor Day, we celebrate the day that Miss America went into labor and gave birth to the Baby Jesus. Or was it Uncle Sam? Oh, and Bob's your uncle.

"Better to be despised for too anxious apprehensions, than ruined by too confident security." - Edmund Burke

No one bats an eye if you say that you're going to POKE at something, or take a PEEK at it.

But wait until you see the reaction to "I'm going to PUCK the living hell out of this thing!"

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You've heard of POKE and PEEK
Now experience the magic of POCK and PUCK

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mmm, finicky gear.

I made a redbox app on my Psion Revo (Diamond Mako?), but it suffered from a faulty hinge and battery connection, and shorted out all the time. I have memories of being stuck in the rain, far from home, no change, and my only ride depending on completing that call.

A little soggy, many attempts, but I made it. 😎

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I remember a certain PCMCIA modem with a dongle that I spliced alligator clips onto, and a few locations with test pairs that were always free.
We went 5ESS very early, so I never got very blue but was quite beige. :allears:

I always thought the future would be more Snow Crash than Neuromancer. :ohdear:

It used to be that arguments on the internet would eventually devolve to comparisons to Hitler, given enough time. Now, we have so many more items at the bottom of the inflammatory intellectual barrel.

Mass adoption of triggering semiotic fodder has become quite the zeitgeist.

sometimes you're the exception and not the rule, I guess

"Today was my release date, thought I would drop by.
Sorry about the old office. New digs? Nice!"

Former employees? Whoa. Are there any strings attached to that?
Like, can the guy who got fired for setting the trash can on fire still show up?

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