Finally tracked down docs for the WifiWall-4DEV (which appears to be the same hardware as the WifiWall 2.4)
The hardware is incredibly well constructed. I have managed to bootstrap MicroPython but was missing how pins were connected. Hopefully this is accurate.
The vendor just told me "We don't support this anymore" and ghosted me.
They can be had for about $40.

I wish I had found these pics showing that the PCB was silkscreened before I broke one open looking for clues.

@elixx how are you getting on with MicroPython on this? any write-ups / repo? Curious what you might do with it 🤔

@andypiper Not yet. It will take MicroPython with a normal ESP32 build. I still haven't gotten interfacing with any of the peripherals to work. (Well, I can get the backlight to light up, but that's it.)

I really just want/need the SDCard working. The end goal is for it to be a little battery-operated hotspot that serves as a captive portal, and to serve up JavaScript apps for phones (and maybe even provide an API for chat or a multi-user game). I want to use it to pick back up on development of this:

@andypiper Of course, since it has a screen, I'm kind of hooked on that part, first (even though I don't really need it for my base goal). I hope to get a little demo going where all of the peripherals work. If I get that far, I'll publish it.

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