dead cat, corrosion, art, photography,= 

[1/2] _In Rust_
A droplet of water falls to my head,
bringing with it the faint smell of iron
A fleeting whiff, for but a moment,
it causes me to doubt it even occurred.
Yet, the indistinguishable scent of rust lingers,
rendering the incident all the more concrete:
Hydrogen and oxygen bearing metallic trespassers
Opening our world to
this corrosion-bearing decay
brought upon us by the water;


dead cat, corrosion, art, photography,= 

The same water, which brings life to
all living and,
nourishes the foliage and,
washes our wounds clean and;
Yet it is also not immune to the siren's song of entropy,
luring to a fate of listless emptiness;
An anguished perpetual wavering
at behest of the imminent toil of oxidization
pushes us onward

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