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This makes me want roguelike eSports streams with commentators

using tmate to share a tmux session or a public nethack server allowing viewer and a web radio for audio streaming, it would be really easy to stream a nethack gameplay :flan_smile:


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Hmmm, you have me thinking...
I have a bunch of roguelikes on os.drastical.tech/ (under Network -> Xterm) and a Jitsi instance... Could make for a easy livestream display:


that seems rather complicated? You would share your desktop with people on jitsi? This requires bandwidth :( but it should work.

On the other hand, you can use ssh / telnet to connect to a public nethack server nethackwiki.com/wiki/Public_se run a game and allow people to view it by connecting to the server too. :flan_thumbs:


@solene @solenepercent I was thinking that commentators on the Jitsi meeting could be watching a shared terminal, and the OS.js browser window + meeing audio would be what was livestreamed.
I didn't think it through too much ;)

@solene @solenepercent I may try a proof-of-concept today or tomorrow, if I can get my video drivers to cooperate. I've never been into or tried the whole streaming thing.

in Jitsi you can share a window or the whole screen through the web browser.


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