So, I notice that my receiver (speakers) is on. Pretty sure I turned it off, last night.

Press power button; still on. Find remote, press power button; Still on.
Unplug from wall. Plug back in. Press power button.

Nothing. fuck.


So, the receiver is dead.

The slightly interesting part of this is, I have a PINE64 with an i2c temp/humidity sensor, being monitored/logged over SNMP. The temp sensor is sitting on the receiver and you can easily correlate when the receiver is on or off by the readings.

Well, you can pretty much see when things started to go haywire.
(don't mind the bumpiness toward the right, the older data is averaged.)

The extra sucky part, is that on top of the receiver dying, when I went to wake my workstation up, the USB connector finally gave up the ghost.
It's my nice mechanical keyboard with hall-effect switches, too.
I'm think gonna have to attempt soldering a new USB port. :squigleface:

Well, thank the gods of the Wired, the receiver appears to magically work, again. Maybe it was the extended temperature?
Never did that before. There's only one way to find out...

You can see on the far right where I unplugged gally (the pine64) and the receiver, and then the sliver on the far right shows things back to normal... at least, thermally.

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