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I remember being a child of about 6, and going through the Commodore programming reference and typing in a ton of commands. I had no concept of syntax or structure, and thought "well, if I put a bunch of stuff in, it'll do something crazy random, and then I can change little bits at a time and see what changes!".
I was machine learning.

ol' dirty MTD

ubi0: available PEBs: 96, total reserved PEBs: 1907, PEBs reserved for bad PEB handling: 79
ubi0: fixable bit-flip detected at PEB 1842
ubi0: schedule PEB 1842 for scrubbing
ubi0: scrubbed PEB 1842, data moved to PEB 434
ubi0: fixable bit-flip detected at PEB 1338
ubi0: schedule PEB 1338 for scrubbing

- be vendor on aliexpress
- build device with recessed sdcard slot
- do not source a spring-loaded slot


"Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see" may have been overly generous.

Turtles should be the only certifiable emotional support animal because of their extended lifespan.
If your emotional support animal dies, what do you do? Seek out the mythical 10x pet?

Today's lesson:
It's not cargo-cult programming -- It's just accounting for a bunch of weird shit.

This infographic the Wall Street Journal published in 2013 to illustrate the crushing burden of taxes on ordinary people tells you everything you need to know about who the Wall Street Journal thinks qualifies as “ordinary people”

Low power mode: disengage!
Low bandwidth mode: engage!

Dispatcher on scanner: "We need you to load your <unintelligible> into lotus notes"
Cop: "fuckthat, man"

There is no Доверяй, there is only проверяй

When the content is put together by an ESL person (or someone uneducated, or with a poor grasp of language, or with some kind of disability), there are still subtextual elements that clue you in that there is a human mind on the other side. Cohesive reference points, subtexts, and contextually relevant indicators of emotion or opinion.
But these things aren't easily codified.

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I'd like to see a neural network trained to identify AI-generated content versus human-created content. That would be optimal.

It seems like the biggest giveaways are 'context switching' in the middle of a paragraph (or sentence, or even phrase!).

Also, nonsensical grammar and incongruent participles (or other structural elements, for lack of a better description) provide artifacts that a human generally wouldn't think up.

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