E2EE is really driving governments crazy. Political representatives are becoming morbidly obsessed with spying into their citizens' conversations and they've stopped using excuses.

Spain has apparently stopped pretending that they're doing it for the kids (that's always been a dumb excuse to start with). They're clearly stating that the government needs the ability to decrypt everybody's conversations, period.

I'd propose a simple idea for political representatives who talk against encryption. If any of them ever says again "it should possible for governments, and nobody else, to safely break E2EE, without any risks for privacy and security", they should be fired on the spot.

I'm sick of hearing boomer politicians with no clue of how computers work repeating this stale piece of bullshit again and again.

I'm sick of hearing E2EE depicted as a "spectrum" with several shades of security, when in truth it's a black-and-white scenario - either you have strong encryption, or you don't.

I'm sick of their surveillance morbidness paired with their deep arrogance and ignorance.

An incompetent employee who doesn't know what he/she is talking about and is in a position where their ignorance can do great harm should be fired without appeal, period.



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